Masonic Book Club

What is the Masonic Book Club? The Masonic Book Club re-prints in hardback hard to find Masonic books for its members. Typically one books is reprinted a year but there have been times when I received a bonus book. The Club Secretary also keeps a file of Masonic Books for sale or wanted by its members. Memberships are limited. Since 1970 we have reproduced many Masonic classics that have long since been out-of-print.

It's one of the best investments in building a Masonic library you can make. Dedicated to reprinting Masonic 'classics' and works sometimes nearly forgotten but well worth knowing about, it's not like any other book club you've ever known. We have a limited membership, but openings are presently available.

If you are trying to start a Masonic library, purchases of past books and membership in our club is great way to start.

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